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PRICE LIST - construction, maintenance, pumps

Construction prices
Pond construction - the cheapest is pre-formed fibreglass and the typical cost for installation of a 100-gallon pre-formed fibreglass pond is 350. Installation costs vary widely based on many variables including soil type, location etc. Phone or a free quote.
We offer very compettive prices on installation of bespoke water features.

Maintenance prices
Cost for pond cleaning start at 80. Phone for a quote. Mention this site for a 5% discount.

1. What kind of pump do you need?
For a pond with fish (and you should have a filter)... you need a solids-handling pump (eg Hozelok Titan)
For a fountain or a pond without fish... you need a pump with a sponge filter (eg Blagdon Amphibious)

2. How big is your pond?
Multiply the rough length, width and depth in feet. Multiply by 6.5 to arrive at the volume in gallons.

eg 10ft long x 8ft wide x 3ft deep = 240 cubic feet
240 x 6.5 = 1560 gallons

3. What water flow do you need?
Goldfish need all the water in your pond to be recirculated once every three/four hours, whereas Koi carp require every two hours.

eg For our 1560 gallon pond, containing Koi Carp, you would need a pump

If you need more advice, feel free to ring me, Phil, on: 01273 681226 or 07802 581957